Churn! Churn! Churn! (To Everything There Is a Season)

After a grad-school-induced hiatus from photography, I jumped back into it by taking some photos at Mallard Ice Cream last week. Mallard has started a concert series that brings Bellingham bands in to play music while patrons enjoy some ice cream.

The inaugural event began with a set by Guest, whose tight interplay of keyboard, guitar, and drums brought out the best of their clear vocals and sometimes-playful-sometimes-plaintive lyrics. The second set featured India Glover and her band, with a thoughtful, folksy vibe and a rich background to India’s singing.

Being away from photography–and from music photography in particular–has been bittersweet. I started graduate school in math last quarter, and while I have been having a blast, trading in shutter clicks for inductive proofs can sometimes leave a creative gap. I’m glad to have the chance to start this next season of my time in Bellingham being part of a photographic and musical project.